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Welcome to Handspeaks! Since you are here, undoubtedly you are an ambitious person and want to find the hidden potential in your personality!

Our Story


Handspeaks started when we found many of the students, youngsters, professionals struggling with their daily life situations and ultimately sinking into depression. Their life becomes nothing but a regret for trivial reasons as they lose emotional stability, lose hope and can’t find positive attitude towards anything. There are such kinda many incidents we came across and decided to give them a counselling hand.

We, through handwriting counsel students, youngsters and professionals so that they can live their life with bliss.

Our Values & Beliefs

Planet's fortune lies in the future of Students.

Students are the pillars of every country on the planet. Their personality and character can lead to a successful and peaceful journey as a human being.

There should be optimism and happiness all around

The ultimate aim of achieving everything is happiness and contentment. Something is always there unknowingly which keeps floating in mind. To find and resolve it out, Graphology is the perfect option.

Relationships are the most eternal ships one can voyage on

Relationships are the most beautiful element of life which need to be nurtured at every stage. We care it the most and hence help you to enjoy it to the fullest.

Our Approach

We believe in the concept of ” Gain without Pain”. And so we are here to help you with the best possible method, Graphology and Graphotherapy. 

What our job is to just do your Handwriting Analysis, read and understand the way, the reason you have formed that handwriting pattern. Every letter formation and spacing has its meaning. We analyse it the best to help you know better about yourself and get introduced with the real hidden new you. 

Using this approach, we reveal your all the hidden strengths and weakness which is stopping you from getting what you want. After knowing about positives, you can utilize it as your career and knowing about negatives would let you know what areas you need to work on to improve your personality and relationships be it with Parents, Cousins or Better Half.

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