Priyanka soon to be Nickyanka has become the hottest potato with her news over engagement and wedding with Nick Jonas. Owing to the age difference between the couple, the fans are just going crazy to acknowledge Priyanka and Nick compatibility.

The diva, Priyanka Chopra is the one about whom no one can resist knowing even a single detail. Having established both the feet in Bollywood Industry, she has even set her benchmarks in Hollywood too. She is soon going to tie the knot with the renowned American Singer, Nick Jonas.

Are you not excited to know about the power pack couple, Priyanka and Nick compatibility? Let’s read out what gives rise to Priyanka and Nick compatibility!!

Priyanka and Nick Compatibili

Priyanka and Nick compatibility

We can here see the signatures of both the celebs. Look, the first letter in Nick’s and Priyanka’s signature is formed highly large denoting the ego strength. This strong ego and desire to take initiatives and leading with the challenging tasks & responsibility is good in professional life but in personal life, this attitude turns into arrogance. Both understand their self-worth and seek to be in limelight all the time.

Another common thing which hints towards Priyanka and Nick compatibility are their desires and vision towards life. The loops we can see in their ‘y’ and ‘j’ are very interesting that reveals both are creative. Priyanka and Nick always become the centre of attraction whichever party they go. Priyanka and Nick compatibility can be seen rising in future as they both possess strong physical and materialistic desires. They have creative ideas and believe in living every moment to the fullest seeking adventures into it.


Hey, could you mark they both write their surnames in similar manner?

Their first priority lies in their own personal identity than the family. Their thoughts might not align with their family interests due to which they might have faced some conflicts with their parents or family.

The quality which every couple must have!

This year’s most trending couple has this one remarkable quality which every couple needs to have in order to sustain the relationships life-long. Priyanka and Nick compatibility is so much revealed through their signatures. They show yet having huge gap in between their ages, still are gonna set an example as Love has No Bar. The letters they are making after their first initial are getting smaller in size that denotes they are adaptable to the different situations and people. This mark both the personalities are dynamic.

This is so far we have talked about their compatibility just on the basis of their signatures. Signatures are like cover of book which tells how the person wants the world to look at him while the handwriting reveals what kind of a person he actually is.

Wishing Priyanka and Nick the best for their Wedding Life!