Handwriting is the major part of life. A child’s handwriting reflects how nicely he’s been parented. Ever since we were born, we were just given a pencil to hold and write the way we want. We were taught how to write, we try to write in whichever manner we feel comfortable. We then grow up, observe the letters and start imitating how others like. On the journey of copying others, we start losing our originality as we don’t write in our unique way, and thus our personality starts becoming getting transformed into the person whom we are copying. In the childhood, child’s handwriting is affected by parents. The children mostly copy their parents as they are their first teachers. That’s why the reason we are like our parents, and we share most of the common traits or characteristics with our Mom and Dad is the result of Handwriting.

If you are a Mother or a Father reading this, you are lucky to have a beautiful child. Now it’s your responsibility to make your child run in the right direction by analyzing your child’s handwriting. For this, you need to understand what your child wants, what are his capabilities, what fields he can perform best. See, there are different talents some are developed with practice, experience and age while some are God-gifted. One needs to recognize the talents first which are God-gifted of which not many are familiar with. The point is if the child is encouraged to work and sharpen the skills which are God-gifted then he would definitely get the Success at ease. Now, the question arises how that field is to be recognized? Then, the answer is Handwriting Analysis. Being a responsible parent, you must get your child’s handwriting analysed by a Graphologist.

People ask whether it is necessary that all the children by starting itself should have good handwriting.

Well, yes… this is must that every child’s handwriting must be checked and corrected in required manner. The parents and teachers always want to teach their child better. They teach them right alphabets but then gradually children learn and add their own changes to the alphabets they are taught. As the changes are made in a child’s handwriting out of their own mind or by imitating other person’s handwriting, the changes in personality also starts taking place. If the other person is aggressive and somewhere handwriting formations related to that trait are copied by the child, then the child inherits the same quality in him. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep a check on the child’s handwriting.

Child's handwriting speaks about your Parenting.

Child’s handwriting speaks about your Parenting.

A child is advised to write good handwriting as child’s handwriting helps in building his personality, character and approach towards life. We find students lacking concentration, confidence and communication skills as they are unable to express themselves, lack interest or enthusiasm in daily activities. Rebellious nature can also be observed in some children, for which they are scolded. But as a responsible parent or a teacher, you must guide and help by getting your student’s or child’s handwriting analysed by a Graphologist.

One more thing, the child’s handwriting might look very decorative and appealing to your eye but as per the Graphology it might have some hidden dangerous meanings. Therefore, don’t just teach your child write, but get his/her handwriting analysed to nurture his personality and life.