Are you wondering, how is that even possible. You must be thinking it is crap, right? But, it’s no crap, it’s the fact. Do you see people in relationship break up just within few months of coming into relationship? This is because of some traits and characteristics that most of the people have which lead to break up more often.

Couples in relationship find each other interesting in the initial phase till the time they don’t know much about each other but as soon as they come closer and know the real side of their partner, they start withdrawing themselves from the relationship. The first phase of relationship is always beautiful and interesting as there is suspense, thrill, excitement and what not!! But later or sooner, other stage comes when couples need to compromise, sacrifice maybe for money, a bite of pizza, the window seat, sleeping time etc. The situations come when things don’t go right and as a result, a person tends to misplace his anger in relationship, this aggressiveness gradually starts hurting both the bodies. Sometimes one needs to tolerate the anger, sarcasm or the pjs of the partner and keep the ego on side.

These are somewhat common situations occur in relationships leading to the break ups more often. The thing which plays a major role is compatibility. Yes, compatibility is required in every relationship which can be found out through Handwriting Analysis. Women are usually attracted towards intimidating personalities and as such start liking the men who are aggressive, egoistic or self-centric but in the long run, these kinds of relationships don’t survive.

There’s a common proverb, “LOVE IS BLIND”. Love can be blind but Handwriting is not. It understands everything about you. You might think a person is good for you but as much you start getting along with him, you get to know the fact that you both are not compatible for each other; you are too different like North and South poles. You had made so many promises and agreed for it’s the day though if it’s night. Then, later you regret for having wasted your time. You then realise you should have given each other some more time before indulging in relationship but the point is how would you judge or reach any conclusion whether that person is fit for you to be in relationship or not?

Handwriting Analysis is the thing where in you can have your partner’s writing checked and know the mutual compatibility. You can know the complete positives and negatives of your partner so that earlier you can get warned of his/her qualities and can make up your mind if he is the right person for you.

Are you in relationship?

If you already are in relationship and want yourself or your partner to improve on some specific qualities, then get the handwriting analysed to know each other better and make further improvements.

The best & the most precious ship one could ever have is definitely relationship. Entering into the house of relationship is easy but maintaining it for lifelong takes efforts. Like every house needs regular maintenance, cleaning and assurance of no spider webs, likewise relationships also need to be preserved by giving a check on our personality, behaviour and actions.

Major qualities of partner include:

Reliability, Self-worth and self-confidence, Respect, Love for oneself and others, empathy, Good Listening and understanding, Expression of feelings and communicating freely, Caring and concerned and a pinch of Sense of humour.

A person in relationship needs to possess all these qualities as a person can love another person only when he is satisfied with himself, when he knows his self-worth, possess good self-image, confidence and loves himself, then only he can impart and shower his partner with the heart full of love. A person in relationship needs to be empathetic to understand the situation from the partner’s point of view to deal with the situation remarkably & peacefully. Handwriting Analysis helps this all.

How’s your relationship?