Students don’t understand that goal setting is necessary. They need to know what they want, what are their life goals, what they like, what things they are good at. To give you an instance, when we were attending a session in Jaipur and students were asked to build a website on something they are good at, out of 50, only 5 could recognize their talent which they should pursue as their goal. This is not surprising!! Have you started for goal setting? If you are reading this, ask yourself what are you good at?

What best potential you have which others don’t have?

What is your goal which you anyhow want to achieve?

If yet, you don’t have an answer with you to this question, then don’t waste your time reading this more, just go, think and find it out. If you are unable to do so, get your handwriting analysed. We came across hundreds of students and marked some common statements from them e.g.” I don’t know what’s happening with my life”, I don’t know what I’m gonna do next after my graduation”, “I have no goals”… Goal setting is necessary as they decide the direction in which you should put your efforts so that you can achieve what you want in less time without deviating from your path.

We have observed, students underestimate themselves as sometimes they know what they want to do but often lack confidence and as such they leave the correct direction in which they were moving and start walking on wrong road. It is also observed coming under the influence of friends, or peer pressure, children come under the trap of rat race and forget their unique capability which they possess due to lack of goal setting. For example, you are a great artist and know how to sketch, draw or design amazingly but still coming under the peer pressure, you apply for MBA or This is where you underestimate yourself due to no goal setting and thinking your designing or artistic skills might not work and you follow the friend circle where everyone is going to pursue MBA, so you also want to do it.

Here, handwriting analysis play a major role in helping you build confidence, knowing your self-worth and the goal you should work towards. Maybe, you might not have thought of your artistic thing too seriously as to take it as your goal or career, but your handwriting reveals what the hidden desires and potential you have which are yet to be expressed and showcased in front of the people. This absolutely needs goal setting.

Remember one thing, your goals are your personal and your goal setting should not be biased on any useless factors like society or peer pressure. Don’t let others to set your benchmarks. It is you who know yourself better than anyone else but sometimes it is possible we cannot recognize even our own powers and strengths and in that case someone really close to us is required who understands us well and can help in goal setting, it can be Parents but in most of the cases, Parents also are unable to understand their child and his hidden talents. Students even find uneasy to confess openly in front of their Parents about their passion, may it be dance or fashion! Bond between children and parents are not that too close these days so as such Parents can’t understand their children better with their goal setting. Also, when youngsters can’t express in front of their parents, how even they can get to know what is going on in their child’s mind.

Your Handwriting is Your Best Friend. It knows everything you want and what you don’t want. You don’t have to share or tell your handwriting about your goals in life. Your handwriting moves in the manner you think and want to act. Your handwriting knows it all which you might also not know about yourself.

Handwriting Analysis might help you in goal setting and get Success in your Life.