Now, you must have been aware of the fact that handwriting reflects what our sub-conscious mind thinks as we have already explained in our previous articles. First of all, writing change might seem to a normal person but actually a graphologist can understand whether there’s any writing change actually or not and what areas of writing are changing. The fact is that the complete writing change can’t be seen, just some areas of person’s personality change and so that the writing change as it reveals. Suppose, ten years back, you used to be highly short tempered but now you are cool and calm that can be seen in your writing by analyzing the formation of some letters such as ‘e’ (including other things).Let’s take another example, if you were under-confident some years ago but now you are fully confident having good self-esteem, the difference in writing could be seen i.e. taking in account the ‘t’ bar. Similarly, it’s not that the writing change completely though it may seem changed to a normal person but a graphologist would tell you better.

Here’s how frequent writing change affects personality

But, if you actually find it changing like handwriting running in various directions & constantly changing, it shows occurrence of mood swings, confusion, problem in decision making and unstable mind. The frequent writing change affects personality, we have seen such cases in which youngsters are found confused as they lack direction, goal or focus in their life and so does the writing change can be observed in their style.

It is better to get your writing analysed at least once in a year. Here’s the link -》  It is not less than any other regular body checkups. Mental health is equally important to the physical health. Mind affects the body and personality which can all be analysed through handwriting analysis. This process is quite simple unlike other checkups. “Graphotherapy is gain without pain.”

Handwriting analysis is no more a choice, it is a necessity. Take care!!