Keyboard is just about words, handwriting is connected with emotions!

Hey, do you write? or do you type? Let me tell you if you write, then it is pretty good but if you don’t, then, start writing! Now, you would be thinking what’s the relevance of writing if you already have a latest techy lappy or iPad to type instantly and share or save whenever you want. But dear, Keyboard is just about words and handwriting is all connected with emotions.” When you write, your emotions flow, remember people writing their diaries? It feels like you sharing your hearty things with someone, you actually have a feeling of talking when you write. It is like some sort of burden is putting off your chest..rite?

Your fingers write what you feel, they write in a similar manner according to your mood. This traditional method of writing  consoles you when you feel sad, celebrates when you cherish by moving exactly in the manner your feelings, your brain moves. It is like your mirror, your best friend which will imitate you, laughs when you laugh, cries when you cry, will never go against you & will never betray you. But when you type, you just hit the button for any font or letter you want and there is standard format of everything which is not connected to your mind, it does not understand your feelings or emotions as it is just a machine so your emotions can’t completely be flushed out.

You must have found yourself or your friend irritated for no reason, this might be owing to holding back the emotions within. When you are unable to express and share your feelings, you are not finding it easy to communicate the emotions like if you are angry but can’t express due to any reason, that time you controlled but you did hold it back inside you which needs to be flushed out,or maybe something happened with you and you wanted to react but that time you didn’t and later it keeps penetrating your mind with that incident thoughts and this all frustrates you in one way or the other. This is neither your fault nor is of techy lappies which compels you to type.

Let’s go deep about how is Handwriting Connected with Emotions!

It is prescribed to write at least one page a day. Don’t hold your emotions back with you. You know there’s a deep connection between a pen you holding and your emotions. When you feel sad, your writing pressure becomes light, the writing direction starts moving downwards while on the other hand feeling active and happy makes you write with good pressure, in upward direction, wide ovals and complete loops can be seen in handwriting which are connected with the emotions and feelings. Emotions are part of personality which can be analysed through the study called graphology.

Though it sounds weird but have you experienced when you pen down what is going on in your mind, you feel quite relaxed up to great extent. See, that’s the magic. Well!! if you haven’t tried yet, try it once & feel this beautiful emotional connection with your handwriting and do let us know in the comments!