No two fingerprints are similar likewise no two hand writings can be same. Your and someone else’s handwriting might look similar but if you look and analyse deeply every font, you will find different.If you even try to copy handwriting of someone, you can’t completely imitate.

Every person has his own unique capability and thinking procedure of brain which will absolutely be different from another. Whatever you write reflects your subconscious mind, your capabilities, emotional stability, and what not. Handwriting is connected to brain and when we all have unique brain and so the handwriting is!

There is possibility you might find your and your friend’s handwriting are visibly similar but nevertheless it is not. A trained analyst can recognize and differentiate between those two write-ups. Don’t try to copy handwriting of anyone else or don’t bother about the ugliness of your handwriting, people might be taunting you all the time saying,”how bad your handwriting is, my younger cousin’s handwriting is far better than yours, bla.. bla..” but hey Chill!! Coming under this pressure, don’t start changing your font formations unless a graphologist suggests you because with this negative influence and changing your writing by copying someone else’s writing intentionally might gradually change your personality, maybe what you were gifted with the positive qualities might start turning down and you may adopt his negativism into you when you copy handwriting of that person.

Therefore, it is suggested to just write in a neat, legible way if you are that worried about your handwriting. Have a comfortable grip over the pen, practice more if you want to improve your writing. It is prescribed to get the handwriting analysed by a graphologist following his prescriptions rather transforming the writing your own way.

While copying others, you are trying imitating other person’s personality traits which are next to impossible and in the journey of transforming yourself  to another one you will be left in between being no one, you might lose your real self as your handwriting will not be left original and your own.

Handwriting comes naturally, let it flow natural so that you could know what you really are and meet your real self. Be original, be you!!