In very simple words, Graphology is handwriting analysis. Whatever you write, it is all connected with your brain and hence handwriting is also called brain writing. The way you write that is the loops, the slants, direction in which your handwriting is running, tells about your personality. Every letter formed, curve, even i dots, t bars reveals one or the other quality about you. This is not any miracle but graphology is a part of forensic science and is known as pseudoscience that means it is based on beliefs. However, graphology is based on set rules and methods, observations and practice.

Graphology helps you know about your:
  • Thinking style such as whether you are a slow methodical thinker or analytical thinker
  • You possess good managerial skills or not
  • You can know your creativity
  • Emotional stability
  • Concentration level
  • Whether you are good at giving attention to details
  • How calm or aggressive you are
  • You can also get aware about your desires what and how much you want, your love and sex Desires, wealth desires and how much support you are longing from your friends
  • Graphology also tells you whether you are dependent or independent
  • Handwriting analysis may even reflect your self-esteem and confidence which will ultimately help in personality development
  • When you are aware of so many positives and negatives about yourself with just analysis of your handwriting, you’ll get to know as which field you excel in to choose as your career.

Handwriting mirrors us all. Our subconscious mind gives signals to the fingers to write in the same manner as the mind is working. Hey, have you noticed when you feel lethargic or feel low on energy, your pen pressure also gets light and when you feel active, your writing pressure is also heavy and write ups look darker and better? Likewise, there are many more things. You never know you may get to know the secrets which you even don’t know about yourself. And yes, don’t be scared, your handwriting analysis is your personal thing and is kept confidential.

Come on, let’s analyse it!!