Are you frustrated? irritated? get angry on little things? Do you lack concentration in doing any of your work, studying, reading book? Do you feel problem in making friends or getting along with others? Lack confidence in facing audience in spite of having good English and personality, you don’t find yourself competitive? If it is so, then dear, you have reached the right place!!

Handwriting is also called brain writing or mind writing which reflects all you thoughts, mind processing, the way you think, the way you talk, you treat feel, your desires, thinking capacity, emotional stability and what not. Handwriting mirrors us all. The problem these days is that people don’t find the relevance of handwriting and its analysis, They take it like another aspect of astrology. Graphology can be called as a part of psychology. It is based on scientific proven rules. It is also considered as an art as a person over years need to be experienced in this field to analyse well.

Handwriting can change your personality. Yes, the handwriting you are seeing if suppose is illegible doesn’t necessarily mean the handwriting or the writer is bad. Every letter of writing is analysed the stroke, the pressure, the speed and the fonts etc are taken into account while analyzing handwriting.

When you are aware of your qualities, potential, emotional stability, thinking pattern, your grasping power, analytical ability and all other inner strengths and improving areas, you will know what is good and what is bad for you. Which direction you should you put in your step forward. It is simple life becomes easier when one is acquainted and satisfied with oneself. And handwriting analysis is the great and the easiest way to know yourself.