We Analyse your Handwriting to squeeze every best possible detail of you and use the concept ‘gain without pain’ to help you lead a successful and happy life.

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path Through Handwriting Analysis


We analyse your handwriting to reveal everything about your personality so that you can know the best of you.


We help you to improve your personality by recommending some important changes in your handwriting.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

You never know what potential you have hidden inside but your handwriting knows it all. Handwriting Analysis will help to introduce you with the real you.

Goal Setting

Handwriting Analysis helps you define your goal by avoiding all the confusion and accomplishing it in smoother way.

Relationship Coaching

There are certain personality traits which makes a person compatible to live healthy relationship.

Stress Management

Handwriting Analysis has the concept ‘Gain without pain’. It has the power to manage everything from your stress to anger.

Career Advice

Whether you are Jack of all trades or good at none, handwriting will guide you with the best career advice.

What Is Handwriting Analysis?
Who is Graphotherapy For?

To live life is an art. In spite of having everything in your life, still if you feel something is missing then your own handwriting will help you out to find that missing element behind the happiness.

It is very interesting to know that handwriting is also called brain writing as  handwriting reflects everything about your  personality. The way you think, react, your capabilities, along with the weak points can all be revealed through your handwriting. You can also improve your weak points and enhance personality by improving the way you write. We, the team of Handspeaks would be pleased to guide you.

Graphology and Graphotherapy is for everyone who wants to improve his student, personal or professional life.

Facing problem in relationship every now and then?
Relationships are God gifted. You need to preserve them more than anything. Handwriting does it for you.
Do you have the problem of overthinking?
Stop! The problem of frustration, overthinking which doesn’t keep you happy for long can be solved through Graphotherapy. Time to be happy now!


Do you find concentrating hard?
You can find solution to the absent-mindedness by building concentration.
Are you short tempered?
Short tempered? Change in handwriting will help you in managing your anger. Be cool!
Does your child not obey you?

You are a responsible parent and make every effort for your child to move in right direction but he/she doesn’t obey you. It is not the child’s problem but handwriting’s. All you need is to get the child’s handwriting analysed.

Want to enhance your personality?
Want to build up personality and improve communication skills. Solution is here!
Are you introvert and find uneasy to express yourself?
Handwriting will mould your personality into an effective conversationalist.

About Handspeaks

We started Handspeaks with the pious intention to help the youngsters out. Handspeaks is a team of trained and experienced professionals who work towards a common purpose.

Handspeaks started when we found many of the students, youngsters, professionals struggling with their daily life situations and ultimately sinking into depression. Their life becomes nothing but a regret for trivial reasons as they lose emotional stability, lose hope and can’t find positive attitude towards anything. There are such kinda many incidents we came across and decided to give them a counseling hand.

We, through handwriting counsel students, youngsters and professionals so that they can live their life with bliss.


“It was great to know about myself through the writing analysis Handspeaks has done for me. Each and every point discussed was matching to my personality. The advice given by you to make some changes in my letter formation is really working, I have observed. I wish you all the very best for further. Keep guiding people for the betterment.”

God bless. Mrs. Anjali Srivastava

Mrs. INDIA 2018

“Handspeaks is super good at this!! This was something new to me! But to my surprise, whatever it analysed was TRUE!!

All the Best for coming years!”

Cheers! Ms. Parvathi Ambika

Manager- Strategic Business Alliance & Partnerships, Thrillophila.com

“Handwriting can be used to decode one’s personality and can be used to improve yourself if guided properly. So if you want to analyse your personality and improve it by changing your handwriting then this site is quite helpful. Mine was quite accurate.”

Thanks! Sudarshi Rastogi

CA Aspirant, Student

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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Shhh… Your handwriting speaks everything about you.

Do you find anything which stops you from getting what you want? You might not know but handwriting knows most of it all…

then, why not analyse, understand, improve and achieve what you want!!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!